I used to develop web application by Django and Flask. I develop medical research software from Department of Biomedical Informatics, Ajou University. I usually process hospital data from Eletronic health record structured by OMOP CDM


A special researcher

Department of Biomedical Informatics, Ajou University

I develop and maintain software based on collected bio-signals.

I also developed homepage for CHRONIC CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASE BIOBANK business. This homepage developed by Flask and Bootstrap and deployed by docker-compose. Now I maninly develop AI-CTS (Artificial Intelligence Clinical Trial Simulation System). This system developed by Django and Vue.js. Currently, you can see demo version of this application on HERE. I will update recent version before October.

April 2017 - Present



I develop web application using by fixing typo of AUDIOCLIP's content. It can automatically generate script from STT engine. I developed that process by Python and Celery.

December 2017 - March 2017

Freelance developer

Source Code

I have developed software that allows users to migrate data to GitHub due to service disruption of the OPEN PROJECT. I developed by Python and deployed to PyPi It downloads data to XML file using nForge API. Next, parse XML files to convert the data to JSON by BeautifulSoup and lxml. Finally, It uses the GitHub API for uploading data to user's GitHub Repository.

December 2017 - March 2017


I love to play video games. I have PlayStation4 and Nintendo Switches both. My favorite video game series is Soul Series. I also want to be a Twitch streamer. I hope to buy proper device for broadcasting game. You can find my game account below, please feel free to visit.

Awards & Certifications

  • 2016년도 글로벌 인디 게임제작 경진대회 대학부 제작부문 특별상 The Moment
  • 2016년도 글로벌 인디 게임제작 경진대회 대학부 제작부문 은상 RPG Run
  • 2016년 안양 슈퍼루키 공모전 대상